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March 29th, 2017 by

Desert Road

It is true: New Mercedes-Benz vehicles and used Mercedes-Benz vehicles (dating from 2016) feature mbrace® Technology, a suite that will help you if you’re left on the road. Nonetheless, it’s still smart to prepare a roadside emergency kit, no matter your Modesto make or model.

Building a roadside emergency kit is simple enough. Start with a pre-packed kit that you can get at just about any automotive retailer or a major department store chain. This kit should cover the basics, such as:

  • jumper cables
  • first aid kit
  • emergency blanket
  • rain poncho
  • flashlight
  • antiseptic towelettes
  • and more.

In addition to what comes in the kit, however, you may want to add a few other items to make getting by on the side of the road until help arrives safer and more comfortable. These not only include a medium-sized gym bag for the kit, but also:

  • umbrella
  • cell phone car charger
  • mobile device power cells
  • bottled water
  • battery jump starter
  • tire inflator
  • essential medications or supplements
  • gas card
  • auto repair manual

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