Why Is My Car Battery Leaking?

Car Battery with Tools

If you notice the car battery leaking, you may be wondering about the possible reasons for the leak. Your car battery leaking acid into your hood is dangerous, and you should bring your vehicle to our service center near Merced to have it inspected as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to give our service center a call if you have any questions or concerns.

What Causes a Battery to Leak Acid?

Several things could cause your battery to leak. Whether you were in an accident or it’s worn, you will want to have it disposed of and replaced, which our service team can handle. Keep an eye out for these signs of wear or damage to your vehicle’s battery:

  • Crack in the battery.
  • The cell caps aren’t sealed properly.
  • The battery is warped.
  • The battery is damaged.

If you see these signs, do not touch the leaking battery or wait to bring your vehicle to our service center. It’s essential to have your battery inspected and fixed right away.

How Do I Dispose of the Bad Battery?

Once you’ve noticed the leak, do not make contact with the fluids that are leaking out because it’s most likely the car battery leaking acid and not the water component of the mix. Get in touch with the garage that replaced your battery, and they will dispose of it. You can also contact your local recycling center, and they’ll handle disposing of the battery for you.

Why You Don’t Throw a Dead Car Battery in the Trash

Car batteries are made of hazardous materials like acid and lead, which is why they’re considered harmful to wildlife and the environment. In 1985, the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared lead-acid batteries as hazardous waste, and they shouldn’t be thrown out in the trash. Because of this, intentionally throwing out the car battery could lead to a hefty fine.

Learn More About Car Battery Replacement at Mercedes-Benz of Modesto!

After learning more about your car battery leaking, don’t hesitate to give our service center a call with any additional questions about your battery or other service-related concerns that you may have. We offer competitive rates, as well as parts and service specials to help you replace worn-out parts at more affordable prices.