Why Is My Car Overheating?

Overheating Car Engine


Your car’s engine temperature gauge should read between 195 and 200 degrees. If you notice that the temperature has gone higher, or a warning appears on the dash, it’s a good time to schedule service at a Merced-area service center, where a technician can determine whether there’s an issue preventing your car from regulating the engine temperature. If the temperature gauge in your car is rising rapidly, or you see white smoke coming from under the hood, pull over immediately and call a tow service!

Unsure about what to do when a car overheats or what causes a car to overheat? Read the guide below from the Mercedes-Benz service center. We’ll go over what to do when a car overheats step-by-step so that you can drive with confidence in Stockton.

What to Do When a Car Overheats

What causes a car to overheat while you’re on the road? It often happens that your engine temperature is fine when you start driving, but then a dash warning pops up as soon as you hit the highway. If this happens, don’t panic. Follow these steps to help your engine cool down:

  • Cut the AC. Air conditioning causes significant stress for the engine, so turning off the AC can help to pull off some heat.
  • Turn up the heat. Another way to protect your engine from damage due to overheating is to turn the heat as high as it will go. 
  • Find a safe spot to pull over. Find someplace away from traffic to pull over, and let your engine rest. Be aware that the hood may be hot to the touch, so don’t attempt to open it for at least 30 minutes!
  • Visit a Mercedes-Benz service center near Stanislaus. If you are close to a service center, wait for your engine to cool before driving over. Otherwise, contact a tow service.

What Causes a Car to Overheat?

At our certified Mercedes-Benz service center in Modesto, we can tell you more about what causes a car to overheat and how to prevent it. There are many underlying reasons a car would overheat, including:

  • Oil leak. Oil keeps your engine lubricated and prevents it from overheating. To avoid overheating due to an oil leak, be sure to check your oil regularly.
  • Cooling system leak. In many cases, an overheating engine can be traced to an issue with the cooling system. So, what does it mean when your car overheats due to a cooling system leak? If there’s water leaking from the radiator, hoses, water pump, head gasket, or thermostat housing, the cooling system can no longer regulate engine temperature.
  • Coolant issue. An improper coolant-to-water ratio or the wrong coolant are two likely reasons a car would overheat.
  • Coolant hose blockage. A damaged coolant hose may allow debris to enter the cooling system and cause a blockage. If this happens, the cooling system cannot regulate the engine temperature.
  • Radiator issues. Blockages, leaks, or mechanical issues in the radiator can cause overheating.
  • Broken water pump. A car can overheat when coolant cannot be delivered throughout the system properly.

Schedule Professional Mercedes-Benz Service in Modesto 

Questions about what to do when a car overheats, or other reasons a car would overheat that aren’t listed here? Contact our service center to speak with a technician about the issues you’re experiencing with your vehicle. We’re happy to help you out over the phone, or take a look at your car here at our dealership in Modesto. Be sure to check out our current service specials before scheduling your next service!


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